Support services

This institute has provided a suitable environment for the establishment and presence of technology units, small and medium innovative companies, research and development units of industries and research institutes that are engaged in constructive interaction and synergy with each other and with universities in technological activities.

In order to provide services in the province, Bojnord incubator Center in 2012, Shirvan incubator Center in 2013, Esfarayen incubator Center in 2014, Creative Village Innovation Center in 2019 and Maneh and Samolghan incubator Center in 2020 with a license under North Khorasan Science and Technology Park has been set up and started operating.


Specialized in (A description of incubators & fields of activity)

Now, there are more than 120 companies supported by Science and

Technology Park of North Khorasan.

specialized areas as follow:

- IT & ICT

- Agriculture

-Handicrafts and Tourism

- Mechanic (Design and Production)

- Chemical products – Cleaners and Sanitizers


Founded on: 2011

Specialized in: ICT, Agriculture, Soft Technology (Art, Music, Handicrafts, etc.)

Site Area:100.552 m۲

Floor Area Park:11.117 m۲

Facilities: Provision of Workspace, Coworking Space, Financial Support, Showrooms and Workshops to Startups, Consulting

services such as technical

advice, economic and legal, facilities use of

banks and financial institutes

credit and funds

 Number of tenants:120
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